Inuit art and cultural tour

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Gently ease into the arctic world with a four-day trip that will immerse you in inspired Inuit art and culture.

You’ll be welcomed to Cape Dorset – residence to the most artists per capita in Canada – with a traditional northern meal in our home.

The trip is punctuated by a cultural gathering, where we listen to throat singing and talk with Inuit artists and elders about their life and art.

A community tour will include a visit to the West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative where the world famous Inuit prints have been produced for over forty years. We will also take you to sales rooms that specialize in Inuit carvings.

From Cape Dorset we can hike to Thule and Dorset sites close to the community.

This trip will provide opportunities to view Inuit art, meet Inuit carvers and graphic artists and learn about the Inuit of Cape Dorset.

This tour is offered each season; you may choose to come winter, spring, summer, or fall.

Group size: 8 people, 3 guides
Physical stamina required: light
Trip length: 4 days